The baseball that was interfered with by Steve Bartman during a Chicago Cubs playoff game is destroyed

Chicago Cubs fans will always remember Steve Bartman.  During the clinching sixth game of the NLCS, Bartman interfered with a foul ball that Chicago Cubs left fielder Moises Alou was in position to catch.  The play turned out to cause an enormous momentum shift favoring the Florida Marlins, and the Cubs ended up getting eliminated from the playoffs.  Cubs fans blamed Steve Bartman for the loss, and the poor guy had to go into hiding as a result.

It was on this day, February 26th, 2004, that the baseball Steve Bartman interfered with was blown up.  Outside of Harry Caray’s restaurant, a crowd watched as the ball was destroyed by the gentleman who had purchased it.

Unfortunately for Cubs fans, blowing up the ball didn’t quickly get rid of the Cubs’ curse.  In the 7 seasons after the Bartman incident, the Cubs continued to get worse and worse, unable to reach the NLCS again.  And while time heals all wounds, if you ask any Cubs fan if they blame Steve Bartmen for the devastating loss to the Marlins, most likely, they will say yes.