The current Capital of the U.S., Washington DC, is incorporated.

At one point in time Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – home of the Liberty Bell, was the Capital of the U.S. Fearing British takeover, as well as it being attacked, it was decided in 1790 that a federal district would become the new capital.

On this day May 3rd, in 1802, Washington DC is incorporated by Congress. Washington DC is actually its own country, and it is controlled solely by the Federal Government. This city, like so many, is named after George Washington. This small place has changed history with its protests, marches, and the many monuments visited by millions yearly.

Washington DC is the U.S. legal system, in a nutshell. All three legal branches, intended for checks and balances as Montesquieu described, are situated here: Executive (President/Whitehouse) ,Legislative (Congress/Senate on), and Judicial (Supreme Court). The original Declaration of Independence and Constitution are also kept here. The city of Washington DC has over 600,000 people, and within the metropolitan area there are 5.6 million people. Washington DC is in Maryland and it borders Virginia, it is 68.3 square miles.