Chris Webber calls a timeout which his team didn’t have allowing UNC to beat Michigan in the NCAA finals

The Michigan Wolverines had one of the most famous college basketball teams in history when they started five freshmen called the Fab 5.  After losing in the finals in their freshmen year, the team vowed to bring home a title the second time around.  History, however, had a different plan.

It was on this day, April 5th, 1993, that the Michigan Wolverines lost to North Carolina in the NCAA championship game.  The game has lived in infamy because of the mistake made by Chris Webber when he called a timeout at the end of the game which the team didn’t have.   Webber was given a technical foul, and a Michigan comeback was virtually impossible.

It was a sad ending to that famous Michigan team.  To lose in the NCAA championship game two years in a row was devastating for the players and fans.  After that Sophomore season, Chris Webber entered the NBA Draft, and he was the #1 player selected.  It was a great moment for Webber, but his college career ended in a fashion that he will remember forever.