The beautiful city of Venice, Italy, is founded at 12 noon.

When you think Romantic, you either think of Paris or Venice. No, not the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, and definitely not the Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Venice is known for its beautiful canals and gondola rides. Venice is the epitome of surreal beauty and romance.

On this day March 25th, in 421, the city of Venice, Italy is founded. It was founded at the same time as the dedication of the Church San Giacomo di Rialto, which is the oldest church of the city of Venice. It’s as if the city could not exist without first having a holy place with which to uphold the city’s morals and values.

In a 2007 estimate, it stated that Venice has over 50,000 tourists a day. They come for the many artistic attractions, and it’s not too far from the Vatican and Rome. Venice is built on a group of 117 islands. Transportation is utilized via the 177 canals and 409 bridges. The primary mode of transportation for its citizens is motorized waterbuses. Venice, filled with all its culture and art, has a meager population of 270,000 and is 160 sq. miles, yet somehow it manages to fill a world.