Actor Clint Eastwood is elected mayor in his local town of Carmel, California.

Clint Eastwood was disgusted by Carmel’s city administration because of their regulations, zoning laws, and disrespect towards him, so he decided to run for mayor and fight back.  He never had political ambitions beyond mayor; he just wanted justice in his hometown.

On this day, April 8th, in 1986, Clint Eastwood wins 72.5 percent of the vote and is elected mayor of Carmel, California.  During his two-year tenure, he fulfilled most of his campaign promises such as making renovations and property building more accessible, preserving landscapes, and opening libraries for children. While in office, Eastwood managed to make two movies, Heartbreak Ridge and Bridge. After his tenure as mayor, Eastwood opted out for a second term because he was bored of the pettiness he dealt with on a daily basis, plus he wanted to return his focus on acting.