DeWitt Wallace and his wife Lila Wallace publish the first Reader’s Digest magazine.

Reader’s Digest is the world’s most popular general-interest magazine. It is printed in over 21 languages and is sold to over 100 million people. Reader’s Digest is only published 10 times a year, but the magazine earns the most circulation revenue in periodical history.

On this day, February 5th, in 1922, DeWitt and Lila Wallace publish the mass-marketed magazine, Reader’s Digest, in the UK. The first published Reader’s Digest contained 31 flavorful articles and was sent off to publishers around the world. Publishing companies initially rejected the magazine across the country. As a result, The Wallaces ventured with no support from a big corporation to make the magazine a success. The couple started with hopes of earning at least $5,000, and within a couple years, they surpassed their goal by the millions. Within seven years, the magazine had 290,000 subscribers and was making $1 million per year.

With its 50 editions, the Reader’s Digest appeals to the majority because of its diverse articles in politics, health, religion, word power, inspiration, etc. In addition, it has become India’s largest-selling English magazine. Today, the popular literature and helpful information has made the magazine a global success.