As a result of Austria’s defeat to Napoleon’s French Army, the fourth Treaty of Pressburg is signed.

The first Treaty of Pressburg was signed in 1271 between Bohemia and Austria. Pressburg is currently known as Bratislava, which is the capital of Slovakia with 460,000 people living there. The city borders both Hungary and Austria.

On this day December 26, in 1805, the Fourth Treaty of Pressburg is signed. The truce dictated that Austria was to give France a considerable amount of territory. In addition to the territories Austria was made to give France 40 million francs. Vinitia, Istria, and Dalmatia went to the Kingdom of Italy.

This truce effectively ended the Holy Roman Empire with Francis II when he transformed into the Emperor of Austria. This came from the Battle of Ulm which lasted a few days, October 16-19. Napoleon’s army had 150,000 troops while Austria had less than half with 72,000. Ulm is a city in the German state of  Württemberg.