Larry Page and Sergey Brin decide that BackRub isn’t a great name for their search engine – so they register

Google Inc. is the world-renowned American Internet and software corporation that specializes in Internet searches, cloud computing, and advertising. Most of Google’s profits strain from its AdWords program which offers pay-per-click, cost-per-thousand, and site-targeted advertising for text, banner, and rich-media ads.

It was on this day, September 15, 1997, that Larry Page and Sergey Brin decided that BackRub was not a great name for their search engine – so they registered The whole idea of the name BackRub came about because the system checked backlinks to estimate the importance of a site. The name Google originated from misspelling the world “googol,” which is the number one followed by one hundred zeros, a signal of how much information and how many people they would serve. Google rapidly grew and offers programs such as their Gmail email service, Google Chrome web browser, Google Docs, and Google+ social networking. Google also owns popular websites such as YouTube, Blogger, and Orkut.

Google has been incredibly successful, with a record of over one billion monthly visitors in May of 2011. In 2009, it was listed as the Internet’s most visited website. Google employs over 30,000 employees and its total revenue in 2011 reached nearly 38 billion dollars.