In the pre-season – Hal McRae and his son Brian McRae play together for the Kansas City Royals

Many fathers dream that their son will follow in their footsteps.  This happens in sports all the time as a player will become a professional athlete in a sport that his Dad use to be a pro in.  One of the greatest home run hitters of all time, Barry Bonds, followed in the foot steps of his father Bobby Bonds, who played for the San Francisco Giants for many years.

It was on this day, March 13th, 1986, that Hal McRae and his son played together for the Kansas City Royals.  During a spring training game, the pair became the first father-son combination to appear in a major league game together.

It was a true special night as father and son bonded and were able to see each other sharing the same lineup card.  5 years later, Hal McRae would become manager of the Royals and he would coach his son Brian who played center field.