Harry Houdini makes his final performance, at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit.

Harry Houdini was born as Erik Weisz in Hungary in 1874.  He began his magic career in 1891, and although claimed little success at first, soon became known as “The Handcuff King.”  Houdini introduced the Chinese Water Torture Cell as one of his most famous acts in 1912.  He was suspended in a locked glass and steel cabinet full of water while upside down.  After holding his breath for over three minutes, he escaped!  Other notable escapes include his Mirror Handcuff Challenge, Milk Can Escape, Suspended Straightjacket Escape, Overboard Box Escape, and his Buried Alive stunt.

It was on this day, October 24, 1926, that Harry Houdini made his final performance at the Garrick Theatre in Detroit.  Reportedly, he passed out during the show because he was suffering from a 104 degree fever but he continued the show until he finished.  Houdini was hospitalized after and died on October 31st of that year due to peritonitis from a ruptured appendix.  Harry Houdini is remembered to this day as one of the best magicians of all-time.