Honolulu Harbor discovered by European ship, captained by William Brown.

William Brown served as an admiral for the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars. He went on trial, accused of cowardice in battle, which caused a decisive victory for the French. He also had health issues, and both of those may have driven him to a life on the sea.

On this day November 21st, in 1794, Honolulu Harbor is discovered by Captain William Brown. Honolulu Harbor is the primary seaport of Hawaii, specifically of Honolulu.

Today, surrounding the harbor is Downtown Honolulu, a place full of culture, history, and of course a tourist hotspot. At the harbor, more than 11 tons of cargo and material passes through each year.  One of the landmarks of the harbor is the Aloha Tower, which welcomes vessels and serves as a lighthouse. When the attack on Pearl Harbor took place, extra defenses were set around it so that it would not be occupied.