Hulagu Khan captures and destroys the Hashshashin stronghold at Alamut (modern day Iran).

Genghis Khan has gone down in history as one of the greatest conquerors of all time, and it seems the gene ran strongly in his blood. Genhis’ grandson Hulagu conquered much of Southeast Asia. Furthermore, Hulagu destroyed many Islamic power centers, which sprung up through Asia during the middle ages.

On this day December 15th, in 1256, Hulagu Khan and his Mongolian army captured and destroyed the Hashashin stronghold at Alamut.  Hashashin were Arab Assassins, and the word assassin comes from Hashashin. Hashashin means users of hashish, also known as hash – a marijuana concentrate.

The Hashashin trained to become assassins using hash, by getting their hand eye coordination up to speed in a drug induced state. The Alamut was a fortress approximately 60 miles away from current day Tehran, Iran.  The Nizari, a branch of Shi’a Islam, ruled Alamut from 1090 to 1256. The Nizari were known for promoting social justice. Hulagu destroyed Alamut.