1972 Iran Blizzard: The most lethal snowstorm in world history begins.

If you have ever been on the East Coast of the United States during winter, chances are you’ve experienced a snow-storm, which are lots of fun. Snowmen are built, snowballs are launched, snow angels are made, and often school is even canceled as a snow day. The differentiation between a snowstorm and a blizzard is the immense winds that come along with a blizzard, and blizzards are never fun for anyone.  Blizzards have been known to wreak havoc, cutting power to millions and causing millions of dollars in damage, but one blizzard takes the cake for having inflicted the most damage.

On this day February 3rd, in 1972, the 1972 Iran Blizzard begins its devastating run.  To have a snowstorm in the first place is abnormal for Iran, which is known for its dry weather. The 1972 Iran Blizzard entered history as the deadliest blizzard of all-time, killing 4,000 people.

Villagers were trapped beneath up to 26 feet of snow.  To put things into perspective as to how deadly this blizzard was, the 2nd most deadly blizzard which took place 2008 in Afghanistan, took the lives of 926 people. This was also an immense storm, but still a quarter of the devastation that hit Iran. Strangely enough, the 1972 Iran Blizzard came after a four-year drought. The blizzard lasted until February 9th.