Jim Morrison, lead singer for The Doors, is arrested for exposing himself to the audience during one of his concerts.

When the rock band The Doors formed in 1965 they became one of the most notorious bands of their time not only for their music, but also for their performances on stage. During that decade, the poetic lyrics of lead singer Jim Morrison were thought to be risky and not appropriate. Nonetheless, their fans grew by the thousands and they sky-rocketed to popularity.

On this day, March 1st, 1969, Jim Morrison is arrested for indecent exposure during a performance. The Doors were playing a show at the Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami. Jim Morrison shows up not only late to the concert, but intoxicated – nothing unusual. While attempting to perform on stage he begins to take his clothes off to the extent that he is fully naked on stage encouraging his audience to do the same.

He turns down a plea bargain resulting in harsher punishment.  Morrison is forced to serve six months in jail and on top of that has to pay a five hundred dollar fine. Sadly he passed away in a Paris, France hotel before ever serving his time.