Louisiana is admitted and becomes the 18th state of the U.S.

Louisiana has a fabulous culture, Mardi Gras is but one of many and it even has a French quarter. The French Quarter is reminiscent of the times when Louisiana was part of French territory, and it became American territory in 1803 during the Louisiana Purchase. Louisiana’s largest city is New Orleans.

On this day April 30th, in 1812, Louisiana is admitted into the U.S. and becomes the 18th state. Louisiana is bordered by Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, and the open water of the Gulf. Louisiana, primarily New Orleans, made headlines in 2005 due to Hurricane Katrina and its cataclysmic affect.

As of July 2011 (census), Louisiana had 4,574,836 residents in the state, 62% being white and 32% being Black – the rest is a mix of Hispanic, Native American, and Asian. Both onshore and offshore, Louisiana has an abundance of natural gas and petroleum; alas the BP oil spill also wreaked havoc on this state. On a map Louisiana actually resembles a foot, or boot, and its eclectic culture makes this place a must go for any traveler. By foot, boot, or airplane – make sure to stop by!