Michael Jordan is Forced to Wear Jersey Number 12

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player to ever live.  He wore jersey number 23, and while he was in his prime that was the number worn by kids across the world who wanted to be “Like Mike.” After he came back from retirement, he initially wore jersey number 45 as this was his number when he played baseball.  However, on one night, odd circumstances led to Jordan wearing a different number.

It was on this day, February 14th, 1990, that Michael Jordan was forced to wear jersey number 12.  A few hours before the start of a game, someone had went into the Bulls locker room and stolen Michael Jordan’s jersey. The jersey couldn’t be found, and Jordan was forced to wear the number 12 practice jersey of a teammate.

The new number didn’t slow down Mr. Jordan, as he poured in 49 points against the Orlando Magic.  However, the Bulls lost the game 135 – 129 and Jordan was so upset about his jersey being taken that he declined to sign autographs after the contest.