Mick Jagger begins filming for the movie “Ned Kelly,” which is remade later with Heath Ledger.

Ned Kelly, an Irish Australian bushranger, was a notorious cop killer and folk hero from the 19th century. His story mesmerized audiences and was retold through several film adaptations.

It was on this day, July 6th, in 1969 that Mick Jagger began filming for the seventh version of the movie “Ned Kelly.”  In the most recent remake of the movie, Heath Ledger starred as the outlaw.

Jagger’s version of the film is notable for being the first Ned Kelly film shot in color.  The British production was filmed entirely in Australia with a predominantly Australian cast. Before production even started, the film was plagued with problems.  Kelly’s descendants protested the casting of Jagger as the lead role.  Once on set, Jagger was injured by a backfiring pistol, costumes were destroyed by a fire, and the cast and crew suffered repeated illnesses. Reception of the film was not any better. It was received so poorly that neither director Tony Richardson nor actor Mick Jagger attended the premiere.