The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl 10 thanks to a memorable catch by Lynn Swann.

There are highlights throughout an NFL football season which are fantastic to watch over and over.  However, these highlights often do not withstand the test of time because they happened in a regular season game.  However, when a memorable play happens during the Super Bowl – it does go on forever.

It was on this day, January 18th, in 1976, that the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl X.  And while many people don’t remember the final score which was 21 – 17 – there is one play from the game that has lived in fame.

Pittsburgh Wide Receiver Lynn Swann made an amazing catch during the second quarter of the game.  Lynn tripped over Cowboys’ cornerback Mark Washington and then made a diving catch as he was falling to the ground.  It was a play which helped Pittsburgh win the game – and it was also a play which helped Lynn Swann become the first wide receiver to win the Super Bowl MVP.