Prince Edward Island, currently a Canadian providence, is discovered by French explorer Jacques Cartier.

Jacques Cartier sailed and explored several areas of Canada on behalf of King Francis I of France. His discoveries include the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, as well as naming Canada and helping to have Canada colonized by France.

On this day June 29th, in 1534, Jacques Cartier discovers Prince Edward Island. The Island, contrary to its original exploration, is named after King George III, of England, fourth’s son Prince Edward. The Island is the 104th largest in the world, and 23rd largest of Canada.

Prince Edward Island has a bucolic, pastoral landscape. It also has beaches, marshes, and overall is a dynamic landscape. The ethnic makeup of this island is primarily Scottish, English, and Irish. The economy is dominated by a large fishing industry. It also produces one third of all the potatoes in Canada, with 1.3 billion kilogram annually, compared with Idaho, which produces 6.2 billion kilograms, but also has almost 10 times the population of the island of 141,000 people.