Actor Ray Sharkey arrested while filming “The Hat Squad” series, which recast his role.

On-screen, American actor Ray Sharkey played the leader of the Atlantic City Mafia in the 1980s show “Wiseguy.” In real life, Sharkey tested the law as well.

It was on this day, July 30th, in 1992 that Ray Sharkey was arrested for drug possession while filming for “The Hat Squad.” Once charged, the television series recast his role.

Sharkey was inspired to become an actor at the age of 17. He saw the Broadway production of “Hair,” and he afterwards started studying acting professionally at the H.B. Studio in New York City. Sharkey’s first film was “The Lord of Flatbush.” Since then, he went on to film over forty full-length movies as well as making several guest appearances on television shows.