The Republic of Zimbabwe comes into existence.

Zimbabwe is surrounded by four countries. To the south is South Africa, Southwest is Botswana,  Zambia is Northwest, and Mozambique to the East, Zimbabwe is landlocked. Formerly Zimbabwe was Southern Rhodesia, a self-governing state under British control. Civil war hit Southern Rhodesia 1965-1980, and from that came the birth of Zimbabwe.

On this day April 18th, in 1980, the Republic of Zimbabwe comes into existence. Robert Mugabe came to be the controller of Zimbabwe and served as prime minister 1980-1987. He is still in control of the Republic of Zimbabwe. since he controls the armed forces.  He materialized as a hero from Zimbabwe’s struggle for independence and for this reason he was able to seize power.

In 1999 Zimbabwe was struck with terrible hyperinflation. The government continued to print money, but the basic premise of worth is based on scarcity, so if there is more of something it simply becomes worth less; hence, ten billion Zimbabwe dollars were said to be worth less than a dollar, and bills were being printed that said 100 trillion on them. The government ultimately had to create a whole new economy.