The roller coaster is patented by Edwin Prescott

Whether you have ridden one for the excitement and thrill or are afraid of riding one due to heights, we all know that the roller coaster is a great part of amusement parks in the United States. Before these intricate roller coasters were made there existed one simple roller coaster solely based on centrifugal force that started it all.

On August 16th 1898, the roller coaster is patented by Edwin Prescott. When he first invented it, he called it the centrifugal railway because the car depended on centrifugal force to stay on the tracks.

Even though it was only a loop it was what started it all. The Loop-the-Loop relied on basic physics and had seat belts or any such thing. During that time Edwin Prescott even charged for people to view others on the ride. The only flaw was that it could only be hold 4 riders every 5 minutes.