Elton John becomes Sir Elton Hercules John, when he receives a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for contributions to music and charity

Annually, Queen Elizabeth II awards knighthood (bragging rights) to anyone who has done substantial charity work and has excelled musically. A knighthood does not mandate royal duties or responsibilities, but it does allow the knighted persons to have the title “Sir” or “Dame” before their name.

On this day, April 24th, in 1998, the musically inclined Elton John was knighted by the Queen and renamed Sir Elton John. He is the first openly gay musician to receive such an honor. Nonetheless, this musical legend was heavily rooted in the fight against AIDS primarily in the LGBT communities and has been dedicated to his charity for over 15 years.  In addition, during his 40-year musical career, John has received six Grammys, an Oscar, and a Golden Globe Award.

Sir Elton John is best known for his tribute to Princess Diana and his top single Candle in the Wind, and now, for being a member of the exclusive league of knighted musicians.