Spanish-American War: American troops enter the coastal city of Mayagüez, Puerto Rico.

The Spanish-American War was short lived, beginning April 25, 1898, and ending a few months later, August 12. Initiating this war was America’s involvement with Cuba’s independence from Spain. Many of Spain’s colonies rebelled throughout South America and the Pacific Ocean, and the U.S. sympathized with the colony of Cuba. The outcome of this war was Cuba’s independence from Spain.

On this day August 11th, in 1898, American troops enter the decisive location, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. Spanish troops completely encircled the whole town and the American troops were at their whim; however, fortune was on the American’s side, as a cease fire was called before the battle began. The war officially ended upon the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1898.

The Treaty was signed December 10, 1898, and it did not take into effect until the following year, 1899, on April 11th. Spain’s massive global reign came to an end as Cuba, the Philippines, and numerous other islands were all handed over to America, for the U.S. to control them temporarily. Spain was also given the sum of $20 million for this exchange.