3rd song Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney record together, “The Girl is Mine,” released

Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney were already big time artists when the song came out so to put them together in one song meant that the track was almost guaranteed to be a hit. It was a single that was part of Jackson’s album Thriller. Michael Jackson wrote the song himself, one night he just awoke in the middle of his sleep and took his tape recorder out while he sang the song that he would soon record.

On October 29th 1982, Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney record the song, “The Girl is Mine.” It was released as their 3rd song together and it was such a huge hit that it went platinum, reaching #2 on the billboard hot 100 in the United States.

Even though this was a single on Jackson’s album and not on Paul McCartney’s he never performed it live. It had mixed reviews at first and was seen as Michael Jackson trying to please the Anglo community with his music, but regardless of that, the song excelled.