Tony Dorsett 99-Yard Run

Tony Dorsett was one of the NFL’s most talented and athletic running back in the late 1970s and 1980s.  After being the second overall pick in the 1977 draft by the Dallas Cowboys, Dorsett became known for hard running in memorable plays.  One of his most known plays all-time came in 1983.

On this day, January 3rd, in 1983, Tony Dorsett completed a record breaking 99-yard run against the Minnesota Vikings.  The play came on a hand off down the middle with the Cowboys on the 1-yard line.  After bursting through the initial hole, Dorsett ran the entire length of the football field, dodging three attempted tackles.  Dorsett’s 99-yard mark can never be broken, only tied.

Dorsett ended his career with 12,739 yards, 92 touchdowns and four Pro Bowl appearances.