Women Equal Bathroom Access NYSE

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the world’s largest stock exchange with an elaborate history dating back to 1817.  For most of its history, the NYSE would unofficially be considered a male-only club.  In 1967, Muriel Siebert would become the first woman to purchase a seat on the NYSE.  For another decade, Siebert would be the only woman amongst the 1,366 members.  Progress for women would not only be slow at the NYSE, the exclusive Stock Exchange Luncheon Club would also reflect the NYSE’s slow acceptance of women.

On this day, February 9th, in 1987, the exclusive, Exchange Luncheon club installs its first women’s restroom.  The addition of a lady’s room may seem like a small accomplishment, but it was a notable step towards gender equality.  The addition of a women’s restroom in the luncheon club took place nearly two decades after Muriel Siebert joined the NYSE.

Since 1987, the female presence in the NYSE has remained fairly low.  The Stock Luncheon Club closed in 2006.